We escaped to create something new, we traveled virtually to the most paradisiacal beaches, we visited places and were inspired by women from all over the world to develop a collection designed for the needs of a new moment in the lives of our customers.

Versatile, timeless and minimalist pieces, based on the pillars of our essence. For strong, bold and independent women, people like us, who seek to express themselves through fashion.

We invite you to escape with us and discover a summer collection adapted for women ready for a new world. Minimalism never goes out of style.


The AW20 collection marks a new era.

The geometric formation of crystals is a basis for the development of this collection, which releases the complexity of crystalline forms and the purity of their essence. Linear shapes and metallic materials gain prominence in the creation of pieces. Our color chart features tons of neutrals and earths inspired by the deposits and their stones in the most diverse stages, from extraction to jewelery.

The crystal cut translate our delicate creation process, which is resumed in a marked linear design. The result is a singularity of a new era and a unique beauty found in the appearance of precious stones.


The two years collection celebrates the history that originated the name INTI.

Regarded as the most important god for the Incas, his followers believed that "Inti" crossed the skies daily, bringing light and warmth to the earth. His gold-rich portrait comes from the belief that it was, in fact, sweat from the sun. Inti brought the necessary light to civilization so that we could see the beauty that surrounds us, a quality that is no longer exclusive to this adored God, which he now share with his homonymous brand. Developed with a timeless design, the models are unique pieces that move between boldness and elegance. In addition to bathing and resort clothes, a NOIR line - dresses, pants and overalls, designed for use outside the beach - composes or mixes in this collection.

The use of high quality fabrics and gold-plated aviators reaffirms a feature of our exclusive modeling in conceptual pieces, enhancing the status of a unique aesthetic. This collection is a milestone that strengthens INTI's presence in the national and international luxury beachwear market.


The Além Mar collection was inspired by the universe that encompasses the versatility of winter in Brazil. We seek the contrasts of light and shadow to compose the ideal scenario and to move from day to night, ensuring versatile use for our pieces.

Linear shapes and architectural inspirations are part of our DNA and come to life with each collection, highlighting the brand's minimalist concept.

Pieces with striking design and unique accessories gain space in the Além Mar universe.


Golden Hour, the first hour after dawn and the last hour before dusk, the perfect time to shine. We brought the brilliance of gold and the strength of silver in every detail to compose our own golden atmosphere.

We seek to represent in this collection the essence of the brand, which is differentiated by the minimalist character and the architectural inspirations portrayed in our design.

Our scenario is the Niterói Contemporary Art Museum, which was designed by the brilliant architect Oscar Niemeyer, and which unites its architecture in a unique way with the incredible panoramic views of Rio de Janeiro.


Inspired by the European nightlife, we present our new collection. Wrapped with a noir sensuality, we created our pieces with structured fabrics for fall/winter, without losing our minimalist essence. New models that connect to the woman's body and highlight her curves. Fall in love with our atmosphere and feel the originality of LA BOHÈME.