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Our mission is to make you feel even more beautiful with our pieces, but if that doesn't happen, don't worry.

Exchanging or returning a product at INTI is super easy!

If the customer is dissatisfied with the purchase and wishes to return it — provided that it is within a maximum period of 7 days — the return costs will be returned to INTI's responsibility.

Now to make an exchange - the maximum period is 30 days and the cost of shipping the exchange shipping is our responsibility. As soon as your product arrives at our distribution center, we will issue a voucher with the value of your exchange for you to place your new order. The cost of shipping the second shipment, with the new part, is the responsibility of the customer. Note: If the new order is over R$800, it will be shipped with FREE SHIPPING following our shipping policy.

If the part has arrived with a defect and the customer wants to return or exchange it – the deadline is 30 days and the costs of exchange and return will be the responsibility of INTI.

The order must be presented in the original packaging together with a label affixed to the piece, without indications of use.

The entire exchange or return process is carried out through our automatic exchange system: CLICK HERE - TROQUE FÁCIL

Bust 83 - 85 cm 86 - 90 cm 91 - 95 cm 96 - 100 cm 101 - 105 cm
Waist 63 - 65 cm 66 - 70 cm 71 - 75 cm 76 - 80 cm 81 - 85 cm
Hip 93 - 95 cm 96 - 100 cm 101 - 105 cm 106 - 110 cm 111 - 115 cm

We are present in the best stores in Brazil and the world. If you believe that Inti matches your store and want to include it in your mix, please contact us at [email protected].
We don't make private label.

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